Monday, June 13, 2011

Canary Islands

Toes, poolside
I have never been on a beach/pool holiday.


I have spent a day at the beach, an afternoon by the pool, but I have never been able to sit still long enough to just relax and let go and spend an ENTIRE DAY doing NOTHING.

So imagine my surprise when E & I spent our first day in Tenerife by the pool. All day.  I mean, we got up to grab a light lunch (eaten by the pool). And E went and got beers (drank by the pool). But other than that we did nothing. Went in the pool. Read books by the pool. Listened to ipods by the pool. Chatted by the pool. But that's it. All day.

And it was glorious. And I will probably have the tan (burn) lines to show for it for months to come.

C arrived three days later and we continued our pool/beach relaxing with a day of volcano walking and windy road driving. But mostly we relaxed and it was fabulous.

Photos are here.