Sunday, December 19, 2010

Snowy Saturday in London

Yesterday was a great day in London. It snowed. Proper big snowflakes that are a couple of inches thick on the ground outside, hours after they fell. It is a winter wonderland. And it has been so so so long since I've walked through a magical white world that today felt beautiful and special. We went all about the city. First to Bermondsey to St John's new bakery under a railway arch on Druid Street for vanilla custard donuts. We got there quite a bit later than I wanted to (bed was cosy and it was cold out there!) and if it hadn't been for the snow the donuts would have been sold out before we arrived.
This monkey might look grumpy and you might think he doesn't like the snow
but he's just grumpy because I'm taking a photo and keeping him from his donut.

We wandered back to London Bridge with the snow freezing into our faces but utterly delighted because it was snowing so hard that it was almost a white out - you couldn't see Tower Bridge to the East. Snow! So much snow!

Then off to Trafalgar Square and a coffee (and mini rhubarb danish) at Notes, which is new and bright and lovely and one of my favorite spots in the centre. We sat at the benches at the back and C explained the Pink Panther movie that was on but silenced and we laughed and waited out the snow, which temporarily turned to rain.

I like the lights at Notes. Also I have discovered Hipstamatic.
Now my photos have vintage flair!
Back out into the world to Covent Garden to go see the Christmas Tree that lights up when you kiss beneath the mistletoe. It wasn't working. Which was sad. But we kissed in front of it anyways and the kiss seemed to work and it made me feel lit up, so at least we had that going for us.

We stood in the cold, trying to decide which way to go, together or apart. I asked if C was hungry. He was. So we went to Dishoom for chai and lovely bits of comforting Indian food. 

Chris went his way to buy me Christmas presents.

I went my way to buy me Christmas presents.

Present I wanted to buy for me
I don't know where C went.

I wandered through Long Acre and heard a magnificient gospel choir in front of the Covent Garden Floral Academy. I shopped and then got on a bus heading home. I got off the bus and went to Redchurch Street because I had read on Twitter about a little pannettone pop up shop and that seemed like an excellent plan. I went in, tasted, bought, went back to buy a small slice so C and I could have a snack when we got home.

Then home and a quiet evening in  with salmon, salsa verde and sweet potato wedges. Oh and we've some left over ice wine so we'll be eating that over ice cream while we watch a movie tonight.

Thursday, December 9, 2010


I went to Bournemouth to go shopping. Yup, four hour round trip train ride for three hours of shopping. It was totally worth it. After shopping I went for a walk and it was pretty. But the coffee was terrible.

Potential home by the sea



Russell - Coates Museum