Sunday, July 4, 2010

Art Wall

In every city and apartment that I've lived, I've always had a vision of one wall dedicated entirely to art, picture upon picture hung much like the Paris Salon.

Here in London, L and I are still working on that goal but we're pretty close. Photos were snapped on my phone, so there are some odd angles and exposure. Sorry about that.

Our main wall as it stands right now

On the far left hand side is this print by the awesomely talented Brian Taylor. It lives on clips inside of a frame I found by the garbage cans.

A limited edition print by Sanjay Patel, who is all kinds of awesome. You may have seen his "Little Book of Hindu Deities".

Heh. A Wodehousian take on a very, very popular (really, it's everywhere and I'm tired of it) British print.

A detail of a print we picked up from the Lyrics and Type show. See the full print.

More once it's all done! I'm expecting another couple of prints soon…

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