Monday, August 31, 2009

A Day at the Races

After a couple of minutes of walking around Chester's centre, L and I began to wonder why everyone was so dressed up. Groups of women were bustling about in colourful dresses, all of them decked out in either hats or fascinators; men impeccable in suits. It wasn't until considerably later that, while following the Roman wall, that we came across the reason.

Chester has one of the oldest racetracks in Britain, and Race Days are still very much a special occasion. L and I had booked our trip without knowing this, although our trouble at finding accommodation should have alerted us. So we were lucky enough to be there for the race day, and happened to be in just the right spot to take a couple of photos.

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Sarah said...

As far as I know, hats are the main part of a race. I wish tv did just hat coverage. I'm not even kidding.