Monday, April 13, 2009


Monument is a monument in the City of London dedicated to the damage and death that resulted from the Great Fire of 1666 that started in nearby in a baker's oven in Pudding Lane. It may have been arson- a French papist was hung (drawn and quartered?) for the deed but it turns out after the trial he wasn't even in London in 1666. But he was a French papist so in 1669 that would probably have been enough evidence to damn him.

Christopher Wren and a fellow architect who isn't nearly as famous designed the column and reportedly wanted to top it with a statue of King Charles II, but as he pointed out, he didn't start the fire so instead they topped it with a gilded urn of fire that looks like a pineapple.

It's been undergoing refurbishment in the last year but recently reopened so we went to visit on a sunny, relatively clear day.

There are an awful lot of stairs.
And you can see out over London at the top! There are a number of shots (St Paul's, Gherkin, et al) but I'm in lots of them and my hair looks funny so I won't be posting any here.

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