Sunday, July 27, 2008


Chris and I took a holiday in London this week. There had been grandiose plans to get out of the city but then work, life and friends got in the way. Which really wasn't so bad. So we stayed in town and did Outside-Our-Everyday-London Things.

We started off at Borough Market, just in time for the lunch rush. The place was hoping, ridiculous line ups for chorizo sandwiches and people spilling out of the pubs. We started at Monmouth's for second-best-in-London coffee. I went to get a pastry but they seemed blah, so I went next door while Chris waited in line. Next door is a popular pastry dessert type place. I was supposed to be getting something breakfasty to go with our coffee. I chose a big piece of apple pie. It was delicious. People would be happier if they started their days with apple pie, rather than, say, bran flakes.

We wandered. Found excruciatingly expensive prosciutto and a giant wheels of cheese. We were going to leave but stopped for a quick paella with chorizo. Yes, that same one.

Then we started down to the Thames, caught a boat and sped off to Greenwich. Very cool to see the city from a different angle.

Disembarked at Greenwich and wandered around, had some sparkly water in the shade and walked up the hill to the observatory. Every time I walk up a hill I think of Peru and instantly wish I had poles.

We looked around. Laughed at the giant line up of people waiting to get their picture taken straddling the prime meridian. I pointed out the laser to C. (We had been to Greenwich previously in search of the laser but I couldn't find it and then we went home- it was silly. After a long day we go all the way to Greenwich to see the laser and I can't find it. Nice.)

Hopped back on the boat to London Bridge and started home, via the Carpenter's Arms, our newly found Local.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Canada Day

The first Canada Day that L and I have spent away from home. And, to be honest, it made us miss home quite a bit. Thankfully, both of our homes were represented: Alberta sponsored the day's celebrations (bison burgers and Sleeman's Honey Brown Ale anyone?), and Ontario had a small pavilion.

Honestly though, the best part of the Ontario pavilion was the fact that you could buy an authentic Tim Horton's glazed donut for the princely sum of £0.89. Delicious.