Sunday, April 6, 2008

Olympic Torch, Takedown

L and I were lucky enough to receive tickets to the finale of the Olympic Torch Relay, which took place today, just outside of the O2 dome in North Greenwich.

It was fantastic to be at the event and see the runner light the Olympic cauldron. (Apologies for the first skewed image, but I was shooting blindly over the crowd)

Of course, there was a certain amount of controversy as well. Protesters for Tibet were scattered throughout the crowd and as soon as the cauldron was lit, a couple rushed the stage, despite the formidable police presence.

The police were fast to respond. The guy barely made it over the barricade before he was pushed back, and taken down, right in front of me.

Protests quelled, the Chinese Olympic representatives then lit a lantern to carry the flame to its next destination: Paris. These two were obviously Red Army: stiff backs, exact, synchronized, deliberate movements and military precision.

The lantern exists as the only Olympic flame and will be used to light the torch in Paris. As such, the London cauldron was extinguished at the end of the ceremony.

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