Friday, March 7, 2008

The Little Fat Boy on Pie Corner

Last weekend I saw a gold statue of a little fat boy - The Fat Boy on Pie Corner.

In the aftermath of the fire Londoners needed someone to blame, so they placed the blame squarely on the 'barbarous papists' and even hung a poor Frenchman who, it was said, confessed to lighting the fire but was later discovered to have arrived in London years after the disaster.

A monument was placed on the spot where the fire was said to have ended - on Pie Corner. 

It was years and years later that a zealous preacher put Pie Corner and Pudding Lane (where the fire started) together and ascertained the true reason for the fire: 'The calamity could not have been occasioned by the sin of blasphemy, for in that case it had begun at Billingsgate; nor lewdness for then Drury Lane would have been first on fire; nor lying, for then the flames had reached the City from Westminster Hall. No, my beloved, it was occasioned by the sin of gluttony, for it began at Pudding Lane and ended at Pie Corner.' (source)

So, kids, it wasn't the barbarous papists who started the fire, it was Gluttony!

(Photo courtesy someone on flickr who's page I lost. Oops.)

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