Sunday, January 6, 2008

Pierre Herme - the Picasso of Pastry

Pierre Herme is the god of the pastry world. France gave him the Legion of Honour last year for his pastry brilliance. We made the pilgrimage to his tiny little shop in Saint Germain today and I am in love.

Plaisirs Sucrés

A crunchy hazelnut cookie base, sheets of praline, chocolate whipped cream, thin chocolate sheets and ganache. We didn't say a word while we bit into its loveliness.


Rose flavoured macarons, rose cream, litchis and whole, luscious rasberries. Perfumed deliciousness.


Chocolate macaron, dark chocolate pieces with fleur de sel, mousse, bittersweet chocolate ganach and crunchy caramel.

Photos by CG

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gdg said...

How many pastries? Oink, oink, oink.