Sunday, January 13, 2008

A Perfect Wandering Saturday in London

Days like these make everything seem possible.

Everyone got up at a decent time (for a Saturday) and we all just hung around, hanging out and slowly getting ready. Around 3:00 Chris, Craig, Sarah & I left the house in search of food at Borough Market. Craig let us to Cafe Brood (Best BBQ in London!) where we ate paella with the best chorizo sausage I've ever eaten. We wandered, I bought some spices (wild sumac- can't wait to cook with it) and we got the World's Best Filter Coffee at Monmouth's (and a delicious truffle- anyone who comes to visit we'll definitely take you there!).

We were going to go for a pint at the George but because I drink my coffee so slowly, we started wandering, Craig and Sarah discovered I had never walked the South Bank so we wandered that way- past the Globe theater, past the Clink, past a random movie set that I'm convinced was for the new Bond, to the Tate.

It being Saturday night, the Tate was open. It being London, the Tate was free. So we wandered in, and looked at modern art for an hour or so, got lost in their fantastic book store and then continued wandering along the Thames. We stopped for a drink at the British Film Institute where we watched a bunch of poorly dressed girls who had lost their pants and then Chris and I left Sarah and Craig and wandered across the bridge to go meet Rhea for dinner.

We wandered in the wrong direction, got lost, called her, wandered in the right direction, had a lovely, chatty dinner and then went home.

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