Friday, January 4, 2008

Passage Brady

After Wednesday's overloading museum day we spent Thursday in true Parisian fashion - wandering in search of food and delight. C had read about Passage Brady, a covered alley way with a multitude of cheap Indian and Pakistani eateries. So we went there.
C was a little disappointed it wasn't more like a Thieves Market. (C's Edit: I'd sort of envisioned an alley, packed with shouting vendors and carts of steaming deliciousness (like something straight out of India) – a place where 5 EUR would get you a bowl full of delicious curry cooked up in front of you and served with reckless disregard for health standards)

The restaurant we choose was called Shalimar and they've been open since 1978. The decor, aside from the purple ceiling, was huge oil paintings of Bollywood starlets from days gone by. Surreal.

After lunch we wandered to the Abbesse and Montmartre for a coffee and another 'third best baguette in Paris' which we later ate with a delicious bottle of wine.

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